Tuesday Tabletalk-07


Hey Hey Hey!  It’s Tuesday Tabletalk Dawwwwwg <Tommy voice>.

Anyway, I just wanted to update yall on my progress and other random happenings.  First off, I’ve been sticking to working out four days a week. Yay me! When I say this is NEW to me…this whole working out on a consistent basis…I mean this is some NEW ish.

If I keep up like this, I don’t see how I will keep my hair straight EVER. I break out in bonafide sweats.  I used to sparkle glisten when I “worked out”, but now I feel drips coming down my face. This is some NEW ish!

To maintain my edges, I have been wearing cotton bands around my hair and that really helps, but I will keep it real with yall. I have been in struggle mode with my hair since I’ve started this. Like I said, this is all new, so I know I will figure it out, but I am washing my hair more than usual.  I have just been conditioner washing throughout the week so my hair doesn’t dry out.  For some reason though, my hair feels dry after almost every workout. So I need to moisturize my sexy it with conditioner, and shampoo only when I feel my hair really needs it.

Oh yea. I was on limp mode today. My ankle is messed up.  I took this class called R.A.W. (Real Athletic Workout).  It is a class where they have you jumping over cones, and sticks, planking and sprinting around the track. Well what had happened was, I was jumping doing double crosses or whatever you call it and fell wrong on my ankle. Yikes! It was towards the end of class when this happened, but that mess hurt, and I had to thug it out though because there are some old men (I mean really old men) in the class who kept passing me on the track and I refused to go out like that. At the end of class, I talked to one of the old men (he actually  walked up on me asked me if I scared to come back…um, was he challenging me??) and he also said he had been doing the class for over 10 years…I was like, no wonder his ass was zipping up and down the basketball court like a gray-haired sonic the hedgehog.  Anyway, I digress.  My point is I need to go at my own  pace–a pace that I’m comfortable with, and I should not judge a dusty old book by its cover.

Oh, thank you all for texting and sending me fitness inspiration.  One of my girls even sent me a recipe for flat tummy water. I drink water anyway, but with this recipe, you have a little flavor and the ingredients help to flush you out.  I’m definitely going to try it. I also see water recipes on Instagram…have you ever tried them?  Instagram must be where it is at, because most of the inspiration sent to me was from Instagram and someone who shall remain nameless even sent me a Bossip.com link for fitness inspiration (gossip and fitness at the same damn time)…Side note: I have some boughetto friends (emphasis on the ghetto)…but anyway, I thank you all the same. Besides Instagram inspiration, I’ve been reading these blogs every once in a while.

  • fitgirlcode.com – they have inspiration, food and body transformation articles
  • drphoenyx.com – because she is a cute black woman with great tips
  • hello healthy – this is a blog from the app myfitnesspal. I use the app most days anyway, so when I do, I usually click on the blog link. They have great food tips.
  • blackgirlsrun.com – ok. I don’t really read this, but I heard they have great running groups and they also link to other great fitness blogs. Win!

What else. Yoko graduated from puppy class! Yes…I put her in a class. I think the teacher passed her so she doesn’t have to see her anymore though. You know like how teachers used to pass bad ass students so they didn’t have to see them the next year.  It was kind of like that. To pass the class, Yoko was supposed do all of her tricks back to back on command. She did one and a half tricks, got distracted and then squatted down and peed next to the teacher. Next thing I know, the teacher is writing out her graduation certificate.  I was like what the what, but she didn’t even…whatever. the point is that my girl graduated!

I can go on and on with Tuesday Tabletalk because I just feel like I am randomly talking to my girls, so I shall stop here, because it is officially Wednesday. One day I will be like those professional bloggers who plan out their blog posts and write like five posts ahead of time and put them in queue to post on the designated day.  Today is not that day.




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  1. Good for you. I just purchased a Living Social deal for a set of kickboxing classes because I haven’t seen the inside of a gym or a bead of my own sweat since November 2014. But flag on the play- your 30+ year old bones are quite brittle, so I don’t know why you’re up there tryna be an athlete now. I don’t get all of you newbie sporty people. Were you ever good in gym class? I wasn’t, which is why I never quite fit in at the New York Sports Club. Oh, and them Black Girls who Run? Well they don’t reply to emails about meeting locations and isht. But I am a bit anxious for the temp to rise so I can get back out there with my (roughly) 2 mile jogs. Starting over suuucks. Anyhoo- just checking in. How ya doing? I actually came on to share the below story with you bc i hadn’t written a long email in a while, but once i did, I felt like i just had to share it w/err’body. Wanna read it? Here it goes:

    Yesterday, my family celebrated Mikey’s (my nephew) 2nd bday with a trip to the Universooooul Circus. I’d always avoided that circus bc: A) I have no kids and B) it seemed slightly rachette (pronounced “Ra-Shay”). But I had so much fun with the fam because the Universooooul Circus is everything, and I don’t know why I was frontin’ like rachette isn’t usually the key ingredient in fun – especially when the kids and people of color are involved. But it was super multi-cultural, there was tons of dancing (bc that’s how we do), and it was an all around riot, which really made me appreciate why our people are dope, entertainment, trendsetters.

    So right after the grand finale Mexican dirt bike daredevil team performance, the Ringmaster told us to sit tight for one last thing. He then instructed all of the little boys and girls to stand up and raise their right hands and recite something along the lines of “I am somebody… yadda, yadda, yadda… I matter…[positive] blah, blah…don’t nobody better tell me nothing different.” That alone was moving, but I knew where this was headed, so I braced my eyes not to well up. But then they opened the lights on three bodies lying on the stage (Trayvon, Mike Brown, Garner), and two dancers holding up “Peace” and “Love” signs and some interpretive (or as we call ’em – praise or Terps) dancers performing to a Stevie Wonder song w/the backdrop of an MLK quote. The whole thing was emotional – not just bc of the show and topicality of it all, but because here the kids were having a good time and these situations have to mar their circus experience. And I’m not mad at Universooooul for using their platform to address this because it does matter, but it’s just sad that our kids have to have their fun time consolidated with some real heavy shit. White kids (‘cept for the down ones who come to the Universooooul Circus) don’t have to be subjected to this because their lives aren’t really impacted by this. And maybe Ringling Brothers should add this to their show just so all kids can get a taste of this bc it IS important to everybody. [Unfairly pre-]Judging by some of the parents in the crowd, some of those kids (my cute, little, precious Mikey included) are likely gonna be some little knuckleheads when they’re teenagers but they won’t deserve to die – no matter how they’re dressed, what language they use, what songs they listen to, or whatever – and it was just painful knowing or feeling like at the rate things are going in this world- in this country, at least one of them could be the next corpse on that stage and their assailant won’t be brought to justice and this is just the effed up world in which they live. Gawsh. Just had to get that off my chest. Anyway, the Universooooul Circus was tons of fun – mistakes (and there were plenty) and “Coming to America” magic skit and all.

    1. You are hilarious. I wouldn’t say my bones are brittle (that’s a bit much don’t you think), but I ain’t as young as I used to be. I must admit…I was doing the most sprinting and darting back and forth like that. Let me know how the kickboxing classes go, even though that sounds a little intimidating.

      I went to the UniverSoul Circus a loooooong time ago and I really enjoyed it. I do faintly recall them having a “message” at the very end then too. It was not as extreme as bodies on the ground, but I guess that is their thing. So basically next time, just start exiting 15 minutes prior to the end of the show so the kiddies only remember the laughter. But for real, I’m glad you enjoyed it and you crack me up as always. I think I want to go now…I need to borrow somebody’s child.

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